Bread, butter and jam


Bread, butter and jam is undoubtedly one of the most popular combinations for a breakfast. Tasty, easy to make and suitable for everyone, both young and old, it is a perfect preparation for the morning, if you want to start the day with the right energy.

The breakfast with bread, butter and jam is not only good, but also nutritious and genuine, especially if it is prepared using homemade ingredients!

Bread, butter and jam: some variations

Accompanied by a cup of tea, or coffee, or a glass of orange juice, breakfast with bread, butter and jam is undoubtedly a typically Italian habit: the ritual for a good start to the day, alone or with someone else. And if you think that breakfast with bread, butter and jam may become boring, you will change your mind: although traditional, it can be prepared in many variations.


Choosing the bread

Let’s start with the bread: you can use slices of fresh bread or previously toasted sandwich bread. Otherwise, no one forbids you to choose whole meal bread or crumbly rusks.

With or without butter?

Spreading a veil of butter on the slice of bread is a choice dictated from your personal taste:  therefore feel free to use it, or, if you don’t particularly like it, you could choose sheep’s milk ricotta or cashew cream.

Not just jam

Finally, let’s move on to the jam: they are not all the same. If you are not fond of breakfasts that are too sweet, you may choose a slightly bitter jam such as citrus fruits marmalade, or a more delicate pear jam. In any case, it is not strictly necessary to use jam: have you ever thought about using honey? This is also a valid and delicious alternative for a great breakfast.


Marmalades and jams for any taste

Jam lovers, you are spoiled for choice: let’s see some ideas for a memorable breakfast.

Marmalade or jam?

Meanwhile, let’s clarify right away that marmalade and jam are not the same thing: marmalade is a preparation obtained by cooking water, sugar and citrus fruits. Only lemons, oranges, tangerines, cedars, grapefruits or bergamots can therefore be the basis of a real marmalade.

On the other hand, jam is defined as any preparation obtained by cooking water, sugar and fruit, where the latter must be at least 35% of the ingredients. You can therefore use figs, peaches, cherries and so on, but also roots or vegetables.

Orange marmalade: breakfast with a bitter aftertaste

Orange marmalade, like all citrus-based marmalades, gives your breakfast a surprisingly delicately bitter aftertaste, which will find the perfect combination with soft cheeses such as ricotta or spreadable cheeses.

Apricot or peach jam: a sweet good morning

Apricot or peach jam are two perfect jams for your breakfast: sweet at the right point, in a single bite they release the taste of summer, evoking the same enveloping fragrance of the fruits with which they are made.

Strawberry or wild berries jam : for those who love contrasts

Having breakfast with bread, butter and wild berries or strawberries jam means having a passion for contrasting combinations: the slightly sour nuance of these fruits blends beautifully with the delicacy of butter and ricotta, or with the strong flavor of a cheese like robiola.