Spring desserts


Spring has finally arrived with the desire to enjoy fresh and light desserts. In this season, in fact, nature gives us a wide choice of colorful and fragrant fruits, which lend themselves perfectly to the preparation of delicious and easy-to-make desserts.

So here are five ideas to make desserts that perfectly represent the spring season and that cannot be missing from our tables: they will delight our palate and the one of your guests.

Cake with yogurt and peaches

The yogurt and peach cake is a soft and light cake, enriched by the freshness of the peaches and the delicate taste of the yogurt. Peaches can be cut into small pieces and putted into the dough, or you can cut them in halves or in wedges, placing them on the surface of the cake, creating a deliciously inviting look. Otherwise, instead of fruit, you could also use peach jam, to give the dessert a soft and creamy heart.

Raspberry panna cotta

Raspberry panna cotta is a dessert that perfectly combines the creaminess of cream with the sour taste of raspberries. It consists of a delicious cream, thickened with gelatin and enriched with fresh raspberries or raspberry jam that can be added on top of the dessert as a garnish. It is a perfect dessert to be enjoyed with your friends at the end of a meal, maybe accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine or sweet wine.


Fresh fruit tart

A timeless classic of pastry, which lends itself to infinite variations, is the fresh fruit tart. The base of the tart can be prepared with shortcrust pastry or sweet brisée pastry. Once baked, it can be filled with a fragrant custard. The garnish of this dessert is the funniest part: fresh fruit as you like it! You can unleash your creativity with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, apricots, and so on and so forth.


Tiramisù with strawberries and cream

Tiramisù with strawberries and cream is a reinterpretation of the classic coffee dessert, enriched by the freshness of the strawberries and the deliciousness of the cream. In addition to the basic ingredients such as ladyfingers, mascarpone and sugar, we have fresh strawberries, a seasonal ingredient, and whipped cream which will make the tiramisu cream even lighter and softer. If you want to create an even more intense explosion of flavors, you can add some strawberry jam, spreading it on an intermediate layer between ladyfingers and cream. Since no coffee is used in this spring version of tiramisù, we bet that it will be appreciated by both adults and children.

Delizia al limone

If we had to imagine a fresh and light dessert to prepare in the spring season, Delizia al limone would be one of the first ideas. It is a classic dessert of the Italian pastry: it consists of soft domes of sponge cake with a heart of custard and lemon cream; the domes are then moistened with a limoncello syrup and covered with a lemon-scented glaze. Delizia al limone is the perfect dessert for those who love intense and refreshing flavours, the perfect ideas for a sweet break on a spring afternoon.