Ice Cream, an antigue sweetness

With the incoming summer and hot temperatures, fresh dishes and desserts are definitely what one wishes to have for a soft lunch or dinner. Among these, the unfailing dessert of the warm season, to enjoy just by itself or to use in the preparation of sweet cakes: it’s about the ice cream of course, loved by children and grownups in all its tastes and colors.

An old origins dessert

Today the ice cream is known as a fresh dessert with a creamy consistency, usually made with milk, fruit, chocolate and many other ingredients and aromas. However, it’s told that its old ancestors were really different for characteristics and preparation.

Many trace back the origins of ice cream to the extreme East, particularly China, country in which in the very past they used to prepare a mixture of rice, spices and milk cooked for a long time, put then to cool down and get solid in the snow. Afterwards, they started to prepare even fresh sweets based on iced fruit, often mixed up with some milk.

These preparations started to be extended step by step to the West, where they got redeveloped and reinterpreted in different manners until they reached the shape that we know today. This, a few centuries ago already: the original recipe of the most beloved fresh desert in the world belongs to Italians, which diffused it during the Renaissance into the most important courts of Europe thanks to the ice-cream men. Still, the Italian ice cream is renowned for its quality.


A summer dinner with ice-cream

Good, but nutritious too: the ice cream provides all the energetic contribution for the afternoon snack of children and athletes. Furthermore, the high digestibility makes it the ideal dessert for a summer dinner: tasty but light at the same time. Moreover, not necessarily the ice cream is served in cups or cone and eaten on its own: it can actually become the ingredient for many cakes to prepare at home with a few arrangements and to be served in a summer dinner with friends.

Crepes and warm waffles are usual in winter, stuffed with cream or frosting: why don’t you prepare a nicer version for the warm season, with creamy ice-cream and fruit? Sometimes it’s just enough to join a cake or a homemade dessert with some ice-cream to make a good impression with guests: the lukewarm strudel or apple cake, for example, suit perfectly the vanilla ice-cream.

The choice of the ice cream to prepare your homemade desserts is important: it has to be creamygood and natural, prepared as the classic Italian tradition wants. Only milk, sugar, eggs and fresh cream, to which one can add fresh fruit, chocolate or hazelnuts.