Organic Fig

Organic Fig
Main Ingredients

Fig Preparation: Figs* 80%, grape sugar*, lemon juice*. *Organic. Gluten Free. Without Pectin.
Controlled and Certified by Bio Agri Cert Srl -IT BIO 007- n° B01V


A soft and caramelized jam that leaves room for intense flavour of the figs. A preserve that goes well with game, both pork and wild boar prosciutto, spicy Gorgonzola DOP, Roquefort DOP and mature Castelmagno DOP.

Available formats
Jar 250 g
Nutritional Table

Typical values per 100 g:

ENERGY 798 kJ – 189 kcal


of which saturated

0 g


0 g



of which sugars

41 g


40 g

FIBER 4,6 g
SALT 0,06 g


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