Fruit Mostarda

Fruit Mostarda
Main Ingredients

Candied fruits in various proportions (clementines, apricots, pineapples, peaches, brassicas, green figs, yellow cherries, red cherries, white pears, red pears, citron), mustard flavouring, glucose syrup, sugar, water.


Care in the preparation and the cuts that bring out the colours and shapes of the fresh fruit. A wonder for the eyes. A sensual taste. Candied fruit dipped in sugar and mustard syrup which gives life to a sweet mostarda with a gentle but lively flavour.

Great on its own, delicious as a dessert, adds personality to a whole host of dishes.

Available formats
  • 250 g (6 jars x carton)
  • 380 g (6 jars x carton)
  • 720 g (6 jars x carton)
  • 1100 g (6 jars x carton)
  • Bulk 2,5 kg
  • Tin 5 kg (2 tins x carton)
  • Tin 10 kg (2 tins x carton)
  • Tub 12 kg (1 tub x carton)
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