Desserts with Fruit and Jams


Whether it is a lunch with friends or a romantic dinner, a dessert must close every meal. There is nothing better than a tasty and fresh fruit dessert at the end of your meal. Cheesecakes, frozen cakes, creamy desserts, semifreddo and delicious tarts: there are so many recipes for fast, easy and tasty desserts to put anyone in a good mood. l

If you are looking for some fresh fruity desserts, we selected 5 recipes. Let yourself be inspired by Lazzaris jams and unleash your cooking mastery.

Cheesecake with raspberry jam

Cheesecake is surely one of the most loved desserts: this Anglo-Saxon cake became one of the most reworked and loved desserts of the contemporary cuisine. The crunchy biscuits base, the soft cheesy heart and the final jam covering make this cake an explosion of flavours and a blessing against the hot days.

The cheesecake recipes will surprise you with its simplicity, easiness and quickness: since it is a no-bake dessert, it will be ready in 20 minutes. You’ll just need to consider the cooling time in the fridge. In a few steps you can prepare a tasty and refreshing dessert, which can – with its multitude of variations – satisfy every palate. Our cheesecake is made with biscuits, butter, fresh cheese, sugar and raspberry jam. The slightly sour aftertaste of raspberries will give every moment a fresh and light touch.

Semifreddo with cherry jam

Semifreddo marmellata ciliegie

To top out a dinner or a refreshing snack, a semifreddo is the ideal dessert. Even if you’re not a master chef, you can try this preparation, this is a long-lasting dessert and you can use it to surprise even your unexpected guests, by offering them a delicacy with fresh fruit or jam.

Whatever your tastes are, semifreddo lends itself to many different variations, from a classic coffee flavoured semifreddo to some more creative and unusual recipes such as Campari and pink grapefruit semifreddo. We suggest you a light version with no eggs, using some yogurt instead of mascarpone cheese, and cherry jam, to give the dessert a strong and intense flavour. In this way, also those people who are controlling their weight might enjoy the pleasure of a tasty dessert.

Creamy iced coffee

The intense smell and the unmistakable taste of coffee won over the dessert lovers. This ingredient is perfect for refreshing desserts and most of all for the preparation of creamy iced coffee.

This dessert was born in Naples, famous all over the world for its excellent coffee preparation. Espresso, cream and a bit of sugar: this three simple ingredients have the power to realize, in a few steps, a creamy dessert, a little iced cuddle that can warm your heart up.  This dessert doesn’t need much attention in the presentation, just a small glass filled with this delicious creamy iced coffee to be tasted at the end of the meal.

Tart with cherry and peach jam

Crostata confettura pesche e fragole

Tarts are very adaptable, they are timeless and perfect for any season. They can be an excellent winter snack or a birthday cake or they can top off a lunch or a summer dinner, especially if they are filled with fresh jams or season fruits.

Arm yourself with eggs, butter, flour, icing sugar and a pinch of salt in order to realize your shortcrust pastry. This fragrant shortcrust shell will wrap the soft filling of your tart with cherry and peach jam: a real triumph of sweetness, authenticity and simplicity, that will provide your table with a touch of colour and happiness.

Frozen yogurt cake

Frozen yogurt cake is a creamy, refreshing and light dessert, perfect for those who want to give themselves a sweet break. The recipe for this cake is delicious and very easy, furthermore it is a no-bake cake. It is the ideal solution for the hottest months.

Cookies mixed with butter will be the base of the soft and fresh filling, made with cream and Greek yogurt. After at least 5 hours cooling time in the fridge, you can free your imagination and creativity and you can decorate your frozen yogurt cake as you prefer. Our suggestion: try the wild berry jam and garnish with fresh blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.