The sweet flavour

Sweetest and rich of vitamins, the figs are a summer fruit that grows on the homonym trees in the warmest weather areas. Yes it’s sweet, but this doesn’t mean that the figs are only consumed to end the meal: numerous are the salty recipes which use these fruits to give a polished flavour. Some tips?

Ham and figs, for instance, is a classic starter fresh for the summer. The sweetness of the figs perfectly suits the salty taste of the cured ham: never tried with the focaccia? An ideal sweet and sour snack that fits perfectly for a break or to

The taste of figs matches deliciously the cheese, it emphasises the flavours without covering them: the ideal fit for a surprisingly? Chilly gorgonzola, Roquefort and ripened strong flavours cheeses, to be served with figs sauce and mustard.


A first course to be tried to surprise the guests for a special lunch is the risotto with figs and pecorino cheese, another perfect sweet and salty match to tickle the palate. And the perfect second course to try the figs with all its sauces? It’s enough to know that the sweet taste of figs fits nicely with meat, especially the grilled or smoked one: serve it with cress of figs, which with its light chilly touch will enhance every taste. For the venison instead just choose the more delicate figs sauce.

A meal is not complete if it’s not served a dessert with it: the figs can turn into special ingredients to prepare many fresh and light cakes, ideal for the summer. A vanilla and honey ice cream sundae, with figs and almond grain, for instance, is the perfect idea for a sweet tooth cake, which will be liked by all the tablemates.

A match to prepare a dessert which even whom doesn’t love sugared desserts is the cheesecake with figs and ricotta: the sour of the ricotta cheese will tone down the sweetness of the figs, proposing a more exotic variant of a cake beloved by children and grownups.

Discover the sweet taste of figs, in its natural shape or in a sauce, and experiment with some creativity the seet and sour matches for an amazing menu!