Sliced Apple Mostarda

Sliced Apple Mostarda
Main Ingredients

Candied apples, mustard flavouring, glucose syrup, sugar, water.


Slices of fresh apples dipped in a delicate mustard syrup. It’s a balancing act to find the right mix between the texture, spiciness, delicacy and fragrance. From a Lombard-Venetian recipe, handed down from the kitchens of the Habsburgs in 1700, an apple mostarda made by modern processing in keeping with the artisan tradition.

Ideal accompaniment for boiled meats, roasts, tender and mature cheeses.

Available formats
  • 250 g (6 jars x carton)
  • 370 g (6 jars x carton)
  • 700 g (6 jars x carton)
  • Bulk 2,5 kg
  • Tin 5 kg (2 tins x carton)
  • Tin 10 kg (2 tins x carton)
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