Desserts with jam


In pastry-making, jam becomes a precious ally for many irresistible desserts. Whether you are fond of cakes, biscuits or tarts, jam adds that touch of sweetness that conquers the palate of everyone, young and old.

Are you curious to discover with us some delicious jam-based recipes that can be easily prepared at home? Here are a few ideas!

Cake with jam in the dough

If you want to prepare a dessert that everyone will love at first taste, the cake with the jam in the dough it’s your perfect choice. The soft consistency of the cake blends with the sweetness of the jam, creating an irresistible combination suitable for any snack during the day. Trust me: the versatility of this dessert will not disappoint your expectations!

Jam tart

Despite its simple ingredients, the jam tart is a timeless classic that will always amaze with its goodness. With a crumbly base and a generous dose of your favorite jam, the tart is perfect for any occasion, and it extremely easy to prepare at home, whether you are alone or not.

Biscuits with jam

For your sweet little moments, delicious homemade jam biscuits cannot be missing. You may eat them at the end of a meal or to accompany your afternoon coffee, every bite of these biscuits is a small moment of happiness. Furthermore,  if you use different cookie cutters you can involve even your children in the preparation, making this moment in the kitchen even more special and fun for the whole family.

Top view of traditional Christmas Linzer cookies filled with strawberry jam on wooden board. These are traditional Austrian filled bisquits.

Banana muffins and strawberry jam

An unusual but incredibly delicious combination, this is the recipe of banana and strawberry jam muffins. The sweetness of the banana blends harmoniously with the liveliness of strawberry jam, creating a sour flavor that will conquer even the most traditional palates or those who don’t particularly like fruit.

Croissants with berry jam

For a breakfast or a snack with a delicate and refined flavor, croissants with berry jam are the ideal choice. Every bite is a discovery of flavors thanks to the puff pastry that melts in your mouth and the irresistible scent of the berry jam. And you know what? The recipe is incredibly easy to replicate at home. Seeing is believing, you will feel like you are in a pastry shop.

Poured cake with jam

To prepare a delicious poured jam cake, you will need a slightly buttery shortcrust pastry base. Spread most of the dough in a pan and pour a generous layer of your favorite jam: you can choose the classic orange marmalade, or choose a jam that contains the sweetness of cherries or the richness of peaches. Cover the contents with the remaining dough. Finally, bake everything in the oven until it is perfectly golden brown and the jam blends into a riot of flavors. The result? A tasty, fragrant and irresistibly delicious cake, especially for jam lovers!

A close up shot of a slice of linzer torte and coffee pouring into a cup.

Chocolate cake with apricot jam

To end on a sweet note, we recommend trying to replicate the delicious chocolate cake at home with the addition of apricot jam. Prepared with a soft chocolate dough, the cake is filled with a generous layer of jam, which adds a fruity and enveloping sweetness. Everything is completed with a chocolate icing which gives a final touch of deliciousness. Easy to prepare, anyone who try this dessert will love it.


Have you noted all these suggestions? All you have to do is roll up your sleeves, get some excellent Lazzaris jam and get your hands dirty. Have fun in the kitchen!