5 Snack to be Prepared at Home


Not everybody knows it, but having a snack – as well as having breakfast – is very important during the day. It allows to gather energy to face the afternoon and it helps not being so hungry when dinner time comes.

Furthermore, it can have a lot of different interpretations, you may alternate a sweet and a salty version, you may choose between a cake prepared the day before or a freshly prepared snack together with a fruit.  There are countless possibilities for a fast snack!  Let’s see what to choose for an afternoon snack among the following examples of easy preparations.

#1 Pancake with Strawberry Jam


Pancakes are some flat, round and fried cakes, very similar to crêpes, they are perfect to be served in the morning or during a brunch, but also as a snack. They are normally accompanied by a few teaspoon of maple syrup, but they taste so good also with honey, fresh fruits or strawberry jam.

#2 Jam Tart

Among all ideas for a perfect snack, it is impossible not to mention one of the most loved traditional recipes: the jam tart. We suggest to prepare it the day before, so when snack time arrives you’ll have it ready. You may cut a piece of it and enjoy the scent of shortcrust, that will be perfectly blend with the jam. Preparing a jam tart is very easy and it doesn’t require much time: you can follow our recipe and stuff it with your favorite jam!

#3 Yogurt with fresh Fruit


We’re in the middle of the spring and summer is about to peep out, why don’t we start thinking about some fast but most important fresh snacks? The one we love the most is undoubtedly the match between yogurt and fruit: such a delicate union, juicy and tasty at the same time. The great thing about this snack, that is good for breakfast as well, is that it can be personalized depending on anyone’s taste: you may choose a low-fat yogurt (if you prefer a slightly sour taste) or a full-fat one (with a round taste), and you can add the fruit you like the most.

For an even more nutritious snack, you may add some almond or coconut flakes, or some sunflowers, sesame or linseed. And if you are not satisfied, a teaspoon of chestnut honey may give the absolute perfection to your snack.

#4 Jam Cookies

Do you know the saying “one leads to another”?  When it comes to cookies it’s hard to resist. These small delicacies are a classic among the cakes, and for both kids and grown-ups it’s so hard to resist. We suggest, also in this case, to prepare the cookies the day before: if you store them in an hermetic container, they will be delicious also the following days. You can use any jam to stuff the cookies: an homemade orange marmalade, our Organic Raspberry Extra Jam, an apricot or peaches preparation, etc.


#5 Bread, Butter and Jam

Bread, butter and jam: no presentation needed for this snack. Maybe it’s not something that came immediately to your mind, but we assure you that it can be prepared in many different ways. As concerned the bread, you may choose a whole bread, a sliced baguette or sandwich bread that you can toast to make it crunchier. Butter, can be replaced by cashew cream or – if you wish – you can choose not to use it. Eventually, for the final part of the stuffing, it goes without saying that the jam flavor that fits the most is… the one you prefer! But also some honey spread on the bread may satisfy you or, for the delight of the kids, you may choose some chocolate, a spreadable hazelnuts or pistachio cream.

In this case, bread lends itself to a salty fast snack: you can cover your toasted bread with a spreadable cheese cream or with some ricotta, cold meats (making a real sandwich) or lots of chopped cherry tomatoes, seasoned with a pinch of salt and a good extra virgin olive oil. That’s up to you!