Christmas Dessert

Pandoro is one of the main desserts for Italian Christmas: everybody knows it, and everybody loves it, both children and adults. So sweet and soft, can it become even better? It can! Thanks to the venetian tradition, where pandoro stuffed with mascarpone and mostarda is the dessert par excellence.

This matching may seem risky, but the result is surprising and highly balanced. Mascarpone cheese, so fresh and fluffy, enhances the sweet softness of pandoro, and mostarda suddenly gives its strong and spicy taste.

How to prepare and serve pandoro stuffed with mascarpone and mostarda during Christmas holidays? Following these few simple steps you will obtain a beautiful and tasty dessert, which will surprise each and every guest.

How to serve pandoro with mascarpone and mostarda

Pandoro Mostarda Mascarpone

The procedure to prepare a surprising dessert for your Christmas is very easy:

1 – First of all, choose your favourite pandoro and dust it with powdered sugar as usual. We suggest you choose a classic pandoro, without any cream or other special ingredients, since your filling will already make your pandoro special.

2- Starting from the bottom, slice your pandoro horizontally, these slices will be star shaped, larger on the bottom part and smaller on the top.

3- This is the filling time. Starting from the bottom, spread a generous quantity of mascarpone, adding a bit of mostarda: we suggest you not to exaggerate with mostarda, you just need to spread a thin layer in the middle of the slice, upon the mascarpone cheese. Gently put the next slice upon the first one. Overlap the layers so that the tips do not match.

4 -Repeat number 3 and completely reconstruct your pandoro, which by now will seem a Christmas tree.

5- To perfectly serve your pandoro stuffed with mascarpone and mostarda you can adorn it with tasty decorations. Any idea? Our first suggestion is: adorn the tips with some mascarpone: it will be very easy if you use a sac-à-poche. You can decorate the mascarpone with some raspberry, some chunks of dark chocolate or the pieces of fruit mostarda, depending on anyone’s taste.