A starter for Christmas lunch

From Northern to Southern Italy, Christmas lunch has every year its main characters: tortellini and cappelletti in brodo or a more nourishing lasagna, boiled meats with their sauces and side dishes, panettone and dried fruits. Each family has its habits and its traditions, that can be rediscovered all together every year during the Christmas lunch.

Every now and then it can be funny to renew the menu: it is not necessary to radically changing the traditional dishes, you just need to add something new.

If you absolutely want the traditional Christmas main courses and second courses, you can rely on the opening dishes: starters. Here for you some suggestions to offer your guests a delicious and non-conventional starter for this Christmas.

Big trays full of delicious morsels, placed in the middle of the table, in order to really share your taste experience.

Cheeses and cold meats boards, with sauces, mostarda and jams

Tagliere di formaggi

A simple and delicious starter to renew your Christmas menu: a board of cheeses and cold meats with spicy and sweet sauces, in order to emphasize their taste. It will be served with a glass of red wine, and your lunch will have a happy start!

Which are the cheeses to be chosen to prepare a perfect board? Which sauces match with cold meats? Here for you our suggestions to prepare a board of mixed cheeses, cold meats and jams or a board with mature cheeses, accompanied with different kind of mostarda that will emphasize the cheeses flavour.  If you want to prepare a personalized board and discover more about the perfect presentation, we suggest you to read this article.

A light starter for your Christmas menu

Among the appetizers for your Christmas lunch you can also choose a light dish, perfect for anyone. Light doesn’t mean not tasty: red cornucopias with vegetables mostarda prove it! Here for you a funny way to propose traditional ingredients in a new shape, perfect for this Christmas time!

A savoury panettone to start your Christmas lunch

Panettone Gastronomico

One of the traditional Christmas desserts may become your main starter: panettone, in its savoury version. Prepare a homemade modern gourmet panettone, cut it in tasty slices and place it in the middle of the table. This will be a non-conventional idea to start your Christmas lunch.

Which is our suggestion for a surprising pairing? Modern gourmet panettone stuffed with bresaola, rocket salad and spicy pear sauce. If you choose this starter, just remember to prepare your panettone at least the day before your lunch: here the complete recipe.

A vegetarian dish to meet anyone’s need during your Christmas lunch

One last suggestion for an alternative starter for your Christmas lunch is a vegetarian dish, to meet all your guests’ needs. Beautiful and delicious, turtles with fresh caprino cheese and sliced apple mostarda represent a starter with a surprising taste that anyone will love, both for vegetarians or meat eaters. Here for you the recipe to prepare them in thirty minutes!