Lazzaris Venetian Mostarda

Lazzaris Venetian Mostarda
Main Ingredients

Fresh quince pulp; candied fruits in various proportions (clementines, apricots, yellow cherries, white pears, figs, brassicas); mustard flavouring; glucose syrup; sugar.


The classic mostarda with the scent of candied fruit pieces.

With a fragrant flavour, sometimes spicy but never excessively so. Venetian mostarda has a grainy and sugary texture which alternates with the fresh, candied pieces of clementine, apricot, yellow cherry, white pear, and fig. Tasting it calls to mind the scents of the seasons. It is produced with minimum of 36% pure pulp quince, free from dyes and preservatives.

Brings elegance and sophistication to different cuts of boiled meat: tongue, roast beef, veal tail. Its spiciness and the choice of candied fruit make it a versatile accompaniment which can also be used with for soft and semi-mature cheeses and sweet wines.

Available formats
  • 250 g (6 jars x carton)
  • 370 g (6 jars x carton)
  • 700 g (6 jars x carton)
  • Tin 5 kg (2 tins x carton)
  • Tin 10 kg (2 tins x carton)
  • Tub 6 kg (1 tub x carton)
  • Tub 12 kg (1 tub x carton)
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