Pepper Sauce


A seasonal vegetable sweet and colourful, perfect to create lot of summer dishes: what are we talking about? Peppers, of course! Rich in vitamin C and very tasty, peppers are used to prepare a lightly spicy sweet and sour cream perfect to accompany many different dishes: pepper sauce.

Which is the recipe to prepare it at home? Which ingredients do you need? Here you’ll find all information you need!


Bell peppers

In order to prepare a homemade pepper sauce, you’ll need few simple ingredients. With the quantity below, you will obtain about 500 gr of sauce:

  • 700 gr of red peppers
  • 150 gr of sugar (brown sugar preferably, but you can also use regular sugar)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Water

You can personalize your recipe adding species and flavours to the original ingredients: those who love spicy dishes may add some chilli or a bit of paprika, for those who want to obtain a sauce with a stronger flavour we suggest to add a clove of garlic. If you prefer a sauce with a sweeter flavour we suggest to add some slices of red onion during the preparation

Let’s see how to prepare our pepper sauce.

How to prepare pepper saucesalsa-peperoni

In order to prepare pepper sauce, you just need to follow these easy steps.

Preparation time? Less than on hour!

  • First of all, clean the peppers, wash them and cut into small cubes, removing the centre and the seeds.
  • Pour a glass of water in a pan and add peppers. If you want to season your sauce with a bit of garlic, red onions or chilli, this is the moment to add the ingredients: you just need one chilli pepper, a clove of garlic or some slices of red onion cut into chunks. Cover the pan with a lid and cook on a low heat for about 15 minutes, until the peppers will be soft.
  • Once peppers are cooked, you’ll need to transform them into a cream: it would be perfect to use a mixer or an immersion blender in order to finely mince the blend, but you can also proceed manually, mashing the mixture with a pestle or with a wooden spoon.
  • Once the pepper cream is homogeneous, pour it into the previously used pan, add sugar (150 grams). Cook without lid on a medium heat, stir until the sugar has completely melted and your sauce is thick.
  • Continue cooking on a low heat, add four spoons of extra virgin olive oil and stir for a few minutes, until the ingredients are perfectly mixed.

Pepper sauce is now ready: you just need to decide if you want to eat it immediately or save it for later. If you have made the sauce to serve it immediately, you just need to let the sauce cool down and then create!

How to preserve pepper sauce

If you eat immediately your sauce and after your dinner a bit of sauce is left, you can preserve it in your fridge for 5 days. If you want to eat your sauce later, you need to pour the hot sauce in a sterilized pot with hermetic closure: store in a cool and dark place, your sauce will last up to three months.

Pepper Sauce: uses and pairings


Once we learned how to prepare red pepper sauce, the question is: how to taste it? Pepper sauce is very versatile, it can be used to prepare some special croutons or it can be served to accompany and enhance many other dishes.

For example, it is perfect with fresh soft cheeses, or to accompany goat’s cheeses: the natural sweet taste of pepper sauce creates a surprisingly contrast with these dairy products.

Pepper sauce and red meat is the perfect match: whether the meat is boiled, roasted or grilled, sweet and sour flavour will give this magic flavour to the meat, if it doesn’t have any other condiment, except for a pinch of salt. Pepper sauce is fantastic also with game or with roasted chicken.

Furthermore, pepper cream can be used to prepare some spectacular panini gourmet with sausages or hamburger.

Even if it seems a bit unusual, you definitely have to try the pairing with fish: a swordfish carpaccio, but backed mackerel or tuna will also be perfect with your pepper sauce, cold served in a bowl for each guest.