Best sauces for fish


Fish is one of the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and, even though this delicacy is sometimes difficult to cook, when you taste it, it gratifies your palate.

Its delicate taste is one of the most appreciated features of this gift provided from the sea. There are many ways to cook it in order to enhance its qualities. In addition to this, a good fish dish may definitely gain something more when it is paired with the right sauce.

How to pair sauces and fish?

sauces for fish

Depending on the type of fish and on the cooking technique, we can identify different sauces to be paired with the dish in order to make it remarkable. How to select the perfect sauce? We may consider the taste given by the cooking process, the consistency and, obviously, the personal taste.

A lot of sauces for fish are mayonnaise-based: together with yogurt and flavours such as thyme, chives, parsley, it becomes a perfect match for boiled or steamed fish, especially with sole or seabass. If you love food from the 80s, you just need to combine mayonnaise, ketchup, tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce and you’ll get the famous cocktail sauce: un unmissable pair for a delicious shrimp cocktail (or prawn).

Let’s see in detail some creative pairings to find the best sauces for fishes

Pepper sauce

Its sweet and spicy taste makes our Pepper Sauce a perfect pairing to enhance the flavour of a fresh swordfish carpaccio. Try it with some mackerel, roast brill or with some fillets of perch if you want a really delicious recipe.

Apricot sauce

If you combine our Apricot Sauce with a fish dish, you will discover how a soft and velvety consistency can accompany and connect to enhance the fish flavour. Prepare some rockfish fillets and put it to the test, just like we did.

Mustard sauce

If you love carpaccio, grilled or smoked fish, the right answer for you is: Mustard sauce, which perfectly goes with fish dishes. Swordfish and salmon are perfect to be served with this spicy preparation. And if this “simple” preparation is not enough for you, you can add some egg yolk and try a smooth Mimosa Sauce.

Lemon and citrus fruit sauce

Grilled fish necessarily gains this typical smoked flavour: perhaps not everyone knows that this aftertaste matches perfectly with any lemon or citrus fruit-based sauces, precisely because they contrast the smoked note give by this cooking technique. If you can’t grill, lemon sauce or citrus fruit sauce will give its best also with roasted fish…not to mention the crudités!

sauces and fish: the tastiest pairings

Orange sauce

Orange sauce deserves its own chapter, since it is often used in typical and creative preparations, both meat or fish based. Try it with a smoked salmon tartare or together with shrimps, brill and swordfish: the tart and spicy notes of Orange sauce will strongly enhance the flavours.

Fruit Mostarda

Although mostarda is commonly known as a preparation consumed with desserts or cheeses, it may surprise you while served with fish dishes. Onion mostarda, is actually a real surprise if you serve it with salmon, roasted trout or grilled tuna. Apple mostarda, with sliced apples, may be the perfect idea to surprise your guests, if you serve it with a salmon timbale, whereas Fruit Mostarda will be the revelation of your summer dinners: try it with some smoked swordfish to realize a fresh and sweet dish.