What do we eat mostarda with?


Answering the question “What do you eat mostarda with?” allows us to tell not only what an exceptional product mostarda is, but also to share one of its main characteristics: versatility in combinations.

Mostarda is made with candied fruit, sugar, water and mustard flavour. These ingredients mixed together give life to a fragrant, spicy and tasty preparation: a product with a spicy character which pairs perfectly to several different dishes.

There are many types of mostarda. The most known are Mostarda Veneta, made with quinces, and Mostarda di Cremona with candied fruit cut into pieces, such as oranges, apricots, clementines, figs, etc. In Lazzaris we are true and authentic mostarda lovers, however, we do not produce only these two specialties, but we dedicate ourselves to the preparation of various types of mostarda, such as the one made with vegetables or citrus fruits or chestnuts or white pears – just to name a few.

How to use mostarda while cooking

Mostarda was conceived as a preparation to accompany typical regional products, such as cheeses or cold meats. There are plenty of pairings and suggestions tips: let’s take a few examples.

Mostarda veneta

It is excellent if paired with semi-matured cheeses or cuts of boiled meat such as tongue, roast beef and veal tail.

Sliced apple mostarda

It is ideal with red meats, roasts, or mature cheeses.

Candied fruit mostarda

It is great on its own, served as dessert.

Vegetable mostarda

A variety of colourful pickles proudly accompanying the most sophisticated meat or fish dishes.

Over the years, mostarda has been the subject of several cooking experiments, which brought to surprising combinations and original flavours. For this reason, more and more often, it is possible to find it as an actual ingredient in many recipes.


Appetizer with  mostarda

To top off a rich and tasty lunch, you can choose from a variety of appetizers including mostarda in their preparation. Among our ideas to be prepared at home there are: soppressa cannoli stuffed with ricotta, shortcrust pastry tartlets stuffed with goat cheese and a radicchio appetizer served with strips of beef and balsamic vinegar.

First courses with mostarda

It may seem unusual, but mostarda lends itself to the preparation of several first courses, more than you can imagine. Our recipe book is an example of this: there are plenty of dishes from risotto, such as risotto alla parmigiana with fig mostarda, to stuffed pasta first courses such as agnolotti with fruit mostarda, or even soups or creams, such as peas and mint with bread wafers.

Main courses with mostarda

Main courses can undoubtedly give their best if paired with mostarda. Whether we are talking about meat or fish, the possibilities are many and inviting. Some of these recipes are particularly suitable for celebrations, such as suckling pig with rosemary and chestnut mostarda, duck breast with mostarda veneta, swordfish with aubergines and fruit mostarda or salmon timbale with sliced apple mostarda.


Mostarda and desserts

Let’s talk about desserts: here we can range with the taste, going from soft recipes such as pandorino with mostarda veneta, muffins with strawberry mostarda, or krapfen filled with cream and mostarda veneta, to creamy desserts, like the Bavarian cream with fruit mostarda.

Despite the many combinations and recipes where mostarda is the protagonist, we are convinced that the funniest part of pairing… is doing what your personal taste suggests!