Best sauces for meat


Meat dishes are very common on our tables: let’s think about the succulent meat sauce garnishing a plate of pasta, or meat main course, prepared for a Sunday family lunch, maybe with a rich pan of roasted potatoes. In this triumph of flavours, where meat plays the key role, a worthy companion is needed: the sauce, to enhance its flavour and softness.

How to choose the perfect sauce? You may not necessarily follow the trends of the starred chefs, but you can choose to experiment and take a risk, depending on your experience in the kitchen, playing with your creativity. Here’s a first tiny tip for you. The perfect match starts with the combination of flavours, but it relies on another key element: the different texture between meat and sauce, due to the ingredients with which it is made.

From this starting point let’s discover some combinations that can enhance in a unique way the different kinds of meat.

Suitable sauces for meats: red meats

Let’s start with red meats, juicy and tasty, you can try with contrasts. A timeless classic for beef: the bbq sauce, or barbecue sauce, made with tomato, onion, and vinegar, it is perfect for those who love this smoky aftertaste. We suggest you also the sour cherry sauce or chimichurri sauce, for those who prefer spicy flavours, commonly eaten in Argentina, it is prepared with parsley, lemon, garlic, oil, and chili peppers. You may also taste two more pairings with red meats: balsamic glaze and red wine sauce, cook it for a few minutes on low heat to obtain its best flavour.

Which sauce matches with white meats?

White meats, more delicate and shyer, need to be paired with other kinds of sauces, to bring out their delicate taste. Chicken, turkey, and rabbit match pleasantly with bittersweet sauces, such as pepper sauce, with slightly spicy sauces such as quince sauce, or with lemon sauce, caper sauce, saffron sauce, or with a fresh mint sauce, recommended for lamb or goat.

The best sauce for venison

Venison, with its strong and typical taste, matches with the sweeter taste of fig sauce or with the sour taste of orange sauce (if you want to try it, here you’ll find the recipe to make it by yourself), or blueberry sauce.

Which sauce will pair with roasted meats?

Roasted meats love to pair with smoother sauces, with a thick texture and a sweet or bittersweet taste. Forest fruit sauces, honey sauce, or onion sauce are the best companion for roasted meats.

Salse carne

Which are the best sauces for meats?

One thing is clear: there is no perfect sauce, there are a lot of good ones instead, depending on the meat. You may choose to prepare your sauce by yourself or if you prefer to focus your attention on the meat cooking process, you can use the ready-made Lazzaris sauces.

Quince sauce

Quince sauce is delicious: after a first sweet taste, it will offer you a spicy touch. This sauce will be able to totally transform your meat dishes.

Black cherry sauce

For your dinners based on red meats, you may choose the black cherry sauce. If you use the Lazzaris’ version you may taste the nice texture of candied black cherries.

Fig sauce

Fig sauce brings us back to summertime when figs release their perfume. The organic fig and mustard sauce contains a touch of mustard. Both ingredients offer some interesting contrasts to venison dishes, pork, or wild boar hams. If you want to discover some facts about mustard you may read this article in our magazine, explaining what mustard is.

Orange sauce

The orange sauce has a persistent citrus fruit touch and organic orange and pepper sauce has both citrus and spicy taste. They can both pair with roasted duck or chicken.

Apricot sauce

Speck, salami, and mortadella will match perfectly with apricot sauce: smooth and creamed, it reminds us of the texture of apricot pulp.

Forest Fruit sauce

Forest fruit sauce is an incredible matching game: its sweetness will balance the strong taste of venison.

Now you just have to put yourself to the test, the holiday season is the best time to surprise your loved ones with famous or original recipes, known combinations or creative ones….Break a leg!